Boy with Violin
Girl with Violin
Eloise Teaching Violin 04
Eloise Teaching Violin 03
Eloise Teaching Violin 02
Eloise Teaching Violin
Speech Banana
Deaf Awareness Presentation
Demonstrating Subpac
Eloise and Melissa Mostyn
Eloise and Ruth Goldsmiths Hall
Eloise and Ruth Goldsmiths Hall
Eloise and Ruth Goldsmiths Hall
Eloise Barbados
Music of Life - Frank Barnes
Music of Life - Frank Barnes
Violins Around BSL V
Royal Albert Hall 001
Royal Albert Hall 002
Royal Albert Hall 003
Royal Albert Hall 004
Royal Albert Hall 005
Time Signatures 001
Time Signatures 002
Time Signatures 003
Blackheath Signing Choir
Musical Resources
Cello and Flashcards
Musical Cupcakes
Rehearsals for 'The Unheard World'
Rehearsals for 'The Unheard World'
'The Unheard World' Poster
FORTE at Leeds 2
FORTE at Leeds
FORTE Ensemble Pre Performance
Audiovisability Meeting
Working on the Train
Brussels BBC Radio 4 Trip 02
Brussels BBC Radio 4 Trip
Eloise Teaching Violin
Welsh Word Challenge
Kindergarten Music Workshop
Piano Teaching Aid
Percussion Instruments: Bells
Performance - Brunel University
Amsden's Yorkshire Suite
Eloise Audiovisability Rehearsal
FORTE Ensemble Rehearsal
FORTE Ensemble - Hearing Aids
MatD Winter Recital
Violin Demonstration at Mary Hare
Music/Visual Arts Workshops
Audiovisability Private Viewing
Hearing Aids on Music
Audiovisability Arab British Centre
Business Card
Workshop: Instruments and Art
Audiovisability Arab British Centre
Workshop - Introduction to Violin
Brunel Workshop/Performance
Brunel University Poster
Eloise Garland: City Careers
Hearing Aids on Piano
FORTE Ensemble

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