FORTE Ensemble Performance: Audiovisability Exhibiton at the Arlington Arts Centre

The FORTE Ensemble performed last week at a private viewing of the Audiovisability Exhibition at the Arlington Arts Centre in Newbury.

Audiovisability is a unique project combinging music, visual arts, and Deaf Culture. As explained on the website, 'Audiovisability is a ‘visual music’ art form created by professional musician, Ruth Montgomery, who was born profoundly deaf in both ears. The project explores various aspects of music from the perspectives of deaf and hearing artists, with a particular focus on capturing visual information of music'.

As part of this project, composer Danny Lane was commissioned to work with landscape photographer, Emma Amsden, to create a unique composition linking both art forms together. Both artists are also profoundly Deaf. As explained here, 'Emma talked in great detail about her background and upbringing and how it relates to her photography. Danny’s subsequent composition, The Amsden’s Yorkshire Suite, captures the essence of each chosen photograph whilst encompassing Emma’s background, life story, and passion for photography.'

The FORTE Ensemble performed the suite complete with a slideshow, subtitles, and BSL interpreter, to a mixed audience of Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing individuals. The suite received many positive comments from the audience, and Danny's sensitivity and musical skill shone through, eloquently complementing Emma's thoughts, emotions, and life experiences.

To find out more about this project, visit

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