Save the Date: Hearing Aids for Music Conference, 2017

The FORTE Ensemble will be performing at the following conference in September this year. I have copied and pasted the information for the Hearing Aids for Music conference for you to view below:

Hearing Aids for Music Conference

September 14-15 2017, Leeds, UK


The conference will bring together D/deaf musicians, hearing aid (HA) users, audiologists, and hearing aid manufacturers from across the globe to share experiences and discuss current and emerging technologies benefiting music listening and performance. HA users will have the chance to share stories, and clinicians will share their experiences of and advice for successful fitting of HAs for music. Individuals and organisations who have contributed to the project will also be taking part. A primary focus will be to determine how project findings might impact on current and future policy and practice. Alongside academic dissemination, there will also be performances by musicians with hearing impairments to provide further scope for discussion and engagement.

  • HA users and D/deaf musicians to share experiences

  • Audiologists and dispensers to discuss best practice fitting protocols

  • Manufacturers to share current and emerging technologies benefiting music listening and performance

  • Academics to share research findings

Confirmed Speakers:

Marshall Chasin (Canada)

Christine Rocca (UK)

Sara Madsen (Denmark)

Valerie Looi (Australia)

Maja Serman, Mirko Arnold (Germany)

Volker Kuehnel (UK)

Remi Marchand (Australia)

FORTE Ensemble

We are privileged to have the FORTE Ensemble performing in the Clothworkers’ Centenary Concert Hall as part of conference on the evening of Thursday 14th September. The FORTE Ensemble is a unique group of professional musicians who each have a level of hearing loss. Formed by the charity Music and the Deaf, the ensemble is committed to promoting more performance opportunities for deaf musicians, raising expectations of what deaf people can aspire to and achieve in music, and raising awareness of the issues surrounding music and deafness.

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