News: Eloise Named Presenter for BBC Radio 4 Documentary

I am delighted to announce that I have been named as presenter for a new BBC Radio 4 documentary about music and deafness.

Two recording days took place last week at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels, where I had the opportunity to explore Tarek Atoui's installation, 'WITHIN'. The installation features a number of specialist instruments designed to make sound as equally accessible to Deaf and hearing musicians alike.

Performance at the Bergen Assembly, Norway (2016)

I also had the opportunity to interview Tarek about his work, as well as attend a final improvised performance at the Wiels Art Centre featuring three Deaf and three hearing musicians. The installation has now been packed away to be stored for the next year.

Photos © Caroline Lessire

I'll be spending a further two days over the summer recording more material with the documentary producer, Steve Urquhart. The documentary will be 30 minutes long and is to be aired on BBC Radio 4 in September (date to be confirmed).

EDIT 20/09/17: Radio 4 has resceduled this documentary to air in December 2017. Final dates have not yet been confirmed, but there will be a second news announcement when these dates have been released.

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