Workshop with the Jewish Deaf Association

The Jewish Deaf Association invited me to run a day of music and craft workshops for a group of deaf and hard of hearing children and their families last week. The morning activities included a workshop on how hearing aids and cochlear implants work and why we should feel proud of them. The children labelled all the parts of the devices and created wonderfully bright designs! We also learnt about how to decorate hearing technology safely using nail stickers, avoiding microphones, battery doors, and any important buttons or controls.

In the afternoon, the children learnt some British Sign Language and took part in musical activities. We finished the day off with our own little performance of 'I Can Sing a Rainbow' in BSL.

Thank you to the JDA for asking me to lead these workshops - what a fun day it was!

Click here to download your own hearing aid and cochlear implants for free (PDF file). To learn more about how to decorate your hearing aids or cochlear implants, head over to Pimp My Hearing Aids/Cochlear Implants UK.

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