Level 6 in British Sign Language

I am very proud to have completed Part One of Level 6 in British Sign Language at City Lit in London. The first nine weeks of the course have focused primarily on language development, including learning specialist vocabulary for medical, educational, or political discussion.

The course has also featured in-depth information about Deaf history, Deaf culture, and the development of Signed Languages around the world. These sessions were fascinating and have only strengthened my own Deaf identity and my relationship with the Deaf Community and language.

I feel that the biggest area of personal improvement has been in my expressive use of BSL and its grammar and structure (as opposed to Sign Supported English). I have also polished up my hand shape significantly over the last ten weeks which makes my expressive language much more suited to formal situations.

Through the course I have also discovered (and become fascinated in) linguistics. Understanding the different features of the language has helped to further separate BSL from English, ultimately taking away the ‘English filter’ I previously used to ‘translate’ between the two languages.

I am now looking for further funding to secure my place on the Part Two of the course which commences in May. I am extremely grateful to Help Musicians UK for their support via the Transmission Fund which enabled me to complete Part One.

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