Bring The Noise Campaign: BBC Teach

I was thrilled to work with BBC Teach over the summer holidays on their new music campaign, Bring The Noise.

Sonic Explorer 'J'

I was commissioned by the BBC to create a set of lesson plans for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), with a particular focus on access for Deaf children, as part of the new Bring the Noise campaign.

Bring the Noise is designed to make high-quality music education accessible to all by providing free classroom resources, films, animations, and CPD opportunities to teachers, plus resources, ideas and activities for parents.

As written by the BBC, "Several studies have shown the benefits of teaching music in the classroom, not only improving the well-being of children but also impacting on their ability to learn. However, with ever increasing demands on teacher time it's no surprise that sometimes music education is left out. Our aim with ‘Bring the Noise’ is to make music teaching and learning easy and engaging right across the curriculum, supporting teachers to place music education at the heart of every classroom."

The core issues that the campaign will tackle are things that I myself am passionate about; as both a deaf musician and a teacher to deaf and hearing children, I understand the benefits of a musical education for all. Yet, deaf children are among those most likely to miss out. Therefore I was honoured to devise lesson plans to accompany Sonic Explorers - a set of cartoons featuring a 10-year-old character called 'J' - which are designed to develop childrens' understanding of the world and the sounds around them. The plans feature exciting activities and games such as creating an 'object orchestra' out of everyday items, playing and layering rhythms in groups, and exploring pitch (and physics!) by making a colourful water organ. The plans also tie in with other areas of the curriculum including English, science, maths, and art. I will be using these resources in my own teaching and would love to hear feedback from others who use them, too.

I was also invited to the Bring the Noise launch at Media City, Salford, where a live-stream of a fantastic showcase featuring YolanDa Brown, the BBC Philharmonic conducted by Omer Meir Wellber, Maddie Moate, JB Gill, Sharlene Hector, and Hacker T Dog was watched at primary schools across the country. What a brilliant way to launch the campaign!

Access the resources by visiting the website here:

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