New Online Music Lessons for Deaf Children

It has been quite a while since I last wrote a blog post - and what a crazy turn in events there has been in recent weeks. I had expected to be writing about various projects in the UK and abroad that were planned this year; instead, like everyone else, I find myself adjusting to a new world of social distancing and working from home.

While this COVID-19 outbreak has been difficult for everyone in many ways - forcing all of us to find new ways of socialising, communicating, and working - perhaps one of the most positive things I have seen is the development of new online resources for deaf and hard of hearing children. I am delighted to be contributing to these resources by producing a series of online music lessons for deaf children, funded by Music of Life.

All the lessons are in British Sign Language with an English Voiceover and subtitles. Do take a look at some of the videos, below, which can be found on the Music of Life YouTube channel, here.

Early Years Foundation Stage / Key Stage 1

Lessons for Early Years/Key Stage 1 are song-based, and each session has a different theme, designed to widen the children's understanding of the world.

'In the Garden'



'The Weather'

'Every Day'

Key Stage 2

Videos for Key Stage 2 children take a different approach as they learn more about musical words and practice them by playing games and doing activities at home.

All About Music: Pulse and Rhythm

All About Music: Dynamics

I hope you enjoy watching these resources, and please do share them far and wide!

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